About Us


Brent Worthington

Brent Worthington has over 17 years’ experience in the carpentry and building trade across NZ, the UK and Australia.

Brent is passionate about building and meticulous in its execution. Whether it be working with a new building material, working with a complex design or working on a lived-in structure, no challenge is too great.

Brent is always willing to talk through your plans and provide advice based on his extensive experience and keen interest and reading on best practice construction techniques. 

Brent is a registered building practitioner and Masterbuilder in Victoria.


Built By Brent

Built By Brent specialises in extensions and renovations, ranging from high-end architectural to smaller scale and budget. Built By Brent can assist at any stage of the job, including with design, permits and execution. Built By Brent prides itself on a flexible and accommodating approach, working with you to deliver your dream home.

When you choose Built By Brent, you can expect Brent’s attention to detail and quality and hands-on approach. Brent will be on site throughout your job, both undertaking some of the aspects of the build as well as overseeing other trades.

Built By Brent offers hand-picked trades who will work as part of a carefully curated team to focus on and deliver your project.